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CheckX Solutions Group

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    Our Services

    Your Process Assessment & Data Modernization Experts in Roswell

    At CheckX Solutions Group, LLC, we believe that the key to designing strategies that ensure operational excellence starts with a detailed and rigorous business process assessment. From there, our team can develop customized strategies for a number of areas that address your immediate and future business concerns.


    Keep Your Reputation Intact

    The cybersecurity landscape is continually being reshaped as technological advancements unleash a new generation of cyber threats. Once your data is compromised, it can disrupt your business operations and permanently damage your reputation. Available through our CheckX Edge division, our cybersecurity experts can identify any threats and security flaws that could compromise your data and business operations, and help you develop an effective mitigation strategy. From business process and data modernization to free AI feasibility studies and cybersecurity solutions, we’ve got the innovative services you need!

    • Cloud Services
    • Computer System Validation
    • Cyber Security
    • Operational Excellence
    • Process/Data Modernization
    • Project Management
    • Solutions Architecture

    What Can We Do for You?

    AI / Machine Learning

    Innovative production tools

    With expertise in all aspects of production, our team uses applications such as Tableau, Power BI, Apache Hadoop, Blockchain, Oracle Data Mining, Amazon Redshift, Manufacturing Engineering Systems (MES), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to help your organization get its products to market faster and for a lower cost versus the competition.

    Computer System Validation (CSV)

    Customized enterprise solutions

    Our CSV solutions provide the tools and expertise needed to ensure that computer systems are compliant with regulatory requirements. This includes testing, documentation, configuration management, change control processes and training. We deliver comprehensive solutions that can include risk assessment procedures such as gap analyses of existing systems or controls.

    Cybersecurity Solutions

    Comprehensive enterprise-wide cyber solutions

    Cyberattacks have become more common and sophisticated than ever before. As infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected, it is easier for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. Technology has made it much easier than ever before to access the tools and resources needed to launch an attack. Malicious actors are entering the scene due to the availability of hacking as a service software offerings make entry into cyber crime much easier than in the past. As a result companies rely on digital tools and services more heavily, and their systems become increasingly vulnerable to attacks.