About Us

Ready to Partner with a Data Modernization Consultant to Streamline Your Company’s Information?

CheckX Solutions Group LLC is a business process consulting firm specializing in operational assessments, process optimization, and data modernization. Since 2005, we’ve been providing clients with innovative and creative business solutions in the Roswell, GA community and across the nation. Our team of experts are always looking for new and innovative ways to help customers grow their business, regardless of size, sector, or industry.

Why Choose Us?

At CheckX Solutions Group, we take the time to understand your business and its specific needs.

From this fundamental base, we apply proven methodologies and best practices to come up with innovative strategies that improve the way your business operates on a daily basis. As expert data modernization consultants – and entrepreneurs ourselves – we understand how the thorough understanding of system environments at each client engagement can result in precise solutions that are a perfect match for your business. We strive to utilize new technologies to solve old problems, streamline efforts using what you already possess and, in the process, improve the way you conduct business and exceed your expectations.

Have Questions?

If you’re wondering what a data modernization consultant can do to help improve your bottom line, please give us a call or email us today.